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Extremely Efficient, Prompt, Positive and Full of Ideas!

Wow where do I start! I’m a bridal accessory designer and often find a lot of my time taken up with admin so I decided to get in touch with Rebecca to help me. We had a lovely zoom call where we got to chat in more detail about my business and my wants and needs from her service. Rebecca is extremely efficient, prompt, positive and full of ideas. She has helped me no end with my admin woes and I’d happily recommend her to anyone who needs that helping hand!

Claire Austin, Claire Austin England


So Many Good Tips and Tricks

I asked Becky to help me with my social media and she has been so helpful and lovely to work with! She gave me so many good tips and tricks which I hadn’t known before and guided me through scheduling my posts into the future. Her advice has really helped me save time and would definitely recommend for anyone who needs a helping hand. If there is anything I have learnt through my business is that keeping on top of social media and marketing is a full time job in itself and with Becky’s support I’ve been able to manage this a lot better.

Laura, Kept Weddings


Highly Recommended!!

I found Becky online before the pandemic when I had so many overseas gigs to book travel and hotels for. After feeling a bit overwhelmed with imminent shows and no logistics in place, Becky totally saved me! Not only did she book my travel, hotels and excess baggage she called me upon arrival to ensure everything had gone smoothly. I’ll certainly be calling on Becky again when restrictions lift to organize everything once again! Highly recommended!!

Jodie Yang-Cooper, Singer/DJ


Book Launch Success

I contacted ILM for advice on marketing channels for a newly launched book. Following Becky’s social media marketing advice, in a 24-hour window, one singular post achieved just under 100 book sales, 600 likes and 50 shares from a completely new customer base! Both the author and I are absolutely blown away and can’t wait to learn more from ILM. I see another print run on the horizon!

Jade, Editor to Cy Ross


On the Brink of Giving Up…

I can’t thank Inspire Lifestyle Management enough. We have been in a back and forth with a travel company for months trying to get a full refund from a cancelled trip. We were on the brink of giving up as we couldn’t invest any more time in it and didn’t seem to be saying the right things to get the desired result.

Rebecca stepped in and within two weeks the travel company agreed to a full refund and provided a £50 “gesture of goodwill”.  She has saved us around £1500, we are so happy!

Ben Campbell


Regained Valuable Time

Inspire Lifestyle Management has been really helpful in assisting us in the timely manner needed to serve our visitors and take the day-to-day advance ticketing and administrative E-Mail and social media tasks away from the core team so that they can focus on the running of the business. Rebecca has demonstrated that her and her team can help to relieve some of the tasks that are often not a valuable use of managers’ time and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Richard, Wonder Nights


Transformed My Working Day

I contacted ILM initially enquiring if they could help me with my small business. I found I was spending so much time on my admin and answering my social media messages that I didn’t have time to concentrate on the product I was selling.

ILM have transformed my working day. They keep on top of all the admin so promptly and efficiently; I do not need to even question if it has been done. This leaves me the time to concentrate on developing my product range and making the jewellery I sell.

My customers always comment on my companies customer service skills and I can only put this down to ILM. They answer my clients so quickly that I believe my sales are increasing monthly because of this.

Thank you ILM for the best virtual PA skills and thank you for allowing my business to flourish.