Unlock Your Virtual Assistant Dreams in Just One Hour!

In the last year or so, I’ve been getting emails and DMs from people, like yourself, aspiring to become a virtual assistant. They reach out to me with questions, seeking advice, and trying to grasp the essence of what VA life is and could look like for them. I’ve truly enjoyed assisting and supporting these individuals on their journey into the world of virtual assistance. It’s been an honour to be chosen as a resource by those venturing into the realm of becoming a VA.

As the requests kept dropping into my inbox, and I find genuine joy in assisting others, I thought, why not create the ‘Inspire VA Hub’? So here it is…. WELCOME!

Why Choose the Inspire VA Hub?

Sure, you could spend hours combing through the internet, drowning in a sea of information about becoming a VA. OR, you could buckle up for a 45 minute session with someone who has done it all and can point you in the right direction!

What Will I Get?

💡 Explore Your VA Potential: Uncover the ins and outs of the VA world. Discover how your unique skills can be transformed into a thriving online career.

🤝 VA Communities: Get the inside scoop on which vibrant communities where VA enthusiasts unite are the best (in our opinion!). You can connect, share, and learn from like-minded individuals who’ve walked the VA path or who are just starting out on their journey to.

💲 Cost Breakdown: Understand the investment needed to kickstart your VA journey. Spoiler: it’s more affordable than you think!

🛠️ Software Showcase: Navigate the sea of tools and software crucial for VA success. From time management to communication – we’ve got your digital toolkit recomendations covered.

🔍 Q&A: Ask all those burning questions you have, with no judgement. The hour session is yours to cover anything you like. Get that list ready!

What is the Cost?

For 45 minutes dedicated time to cover all your questions it will be £49. Such a small amount to get all your questions answered and not trawl through all the information online.

What Do I Need To Do Next?

Drop Rebecca a message on info@inspirelm.com for further details and to get booked in!

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