Tips and Tricks

  1. Using Excel on Your Mobile Device

    Let’s talk about using Excel on your mobile phone. 📱⁠

    Did you know, if you have a table of data in a book, on a poster or just on a piece of paper, that you want in a digital format, in Excel, you can do this using your phones camera?

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  2. Event Tip

    Events vs The Weather

    Weather can work two ways….⁠

    Everyone always plans for rain 🌧️, but have you thought about your guests if it is extremely hot and sunny? ☀️ If last summer in the UK is anything to go by, you need to be prepared. ⁠

    If you are holding your event outside,

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  3. Diary Tip

    Diary Productivity!

    Stay on top of your game with this diary tip…. 🗓️⁠

    Schedule your most important tasks at the beginning of the day. This allows you to avoid being overwhelmed by other commitments later on. ⁠

    Your diary can be your key to productivity and success as a busy business owner.

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  4. Microsoft Word Tip

    Editing a PDF in Microsoft Word

    All you want is to do it edit a PDF and if you could do this in Word, all your prayers would be answered……⁠⁠

    Here I am waving my 🪄

    ⁠⁠1. Open Microsoft Word⁠

    2. Select Open on your navigation bar (this maybe on the top,

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  5. Social Media


    Let’s talk hashtags….. #⁠

    Using hashtags strategically can help you reach a wider audience. ⁠

    Make sure you research popular hashtags in your niche and use them in your posts to increase visibility. You can also create branded hashtags unique to your business to encourage user-generated content and promote brand recognition.

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  6. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn Tip

    ⁠Here is a quick tip for you……⁠

    ➡️ LinkedIn posts perform best if they only have 3 hashtags. ⬅️⁠

    Did you know this?⁠

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