Using Excel on Your Mobile Device

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Let’s talk about using Excel on your mobile phone. 📱⁠

Did you know, if you have a table of data in a book, on a poster or just on a piece of paper, that you want in a digital format, in Excel, you can do this using your phones camera? ⁠

Impressive right…. follow these steps! 🪄⁠

1. Download the Microsoft Office app (through the apple store or google play store)⁠
2. Click actions in the bottom right hand corner⁠
3. Click image to table⁠
3. Take a photo with your phones camera of the table that you want digitalised ⁠
4. Make sure you select all the data you wish to include, using the crop function⁠
5. A table is now digitally created and visible on your phone screen⁠
6. Click open and it will import into Excel⁠
7. Save the sheet and open on your desktop if you wish!⁠

There we have it… a simple way to get your data from paper to digital!

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